Health: Best Foods For Protein

Proteins are biochemical compounds which are most essential compound for making our body cells. If some one want to gain weight and build muscle then he should intake adequate quantity of protein. Our body also gets energy from protein when required.

There are many grains, beans, fruits and non-vegetarian foods which are very good source of protein.

Vegetarian foods rich in Protein:

– All Beans and pulses are great source of protein like Soya Bean, Kidney Bean, Chick Pea etc. You can eat beans by making some dishes with rice and bread. Soya Bean chunks are best source of protein in vegetarian food.

– Dairy products are also very good source of protein like Milk, Cheese, Curd and others. Dairy products are also great source of calcium and Vitamin A which are very essential for strong bones and eye. If you are worried for fat then you should eat cottage cheese for protein and calcium.

– Apart from these all whole grains are also good source of protein and dietary fiber

Non-Vegetarian foods rich in Protein:

– Eggs are great source of good quality protein and it helps you to maintain healthy muscles. If you start your day with egg breakfast then eggs will provide you protein and energy and it will help you to cut on extra calorie intake because you will not feel hunger for longer time.

– Meat, fish and Poultry are well known source of protein and other required nutrients. But while eating meat or poultry then you should be very careful in preparation(Specially in Indian style cooking lot of oil and spices are added). So try to eat mean and poultry by boiling and grilling.

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