Simple 8 Dizziness Home Remedies

Dizziness is symptom of some problem in the body like low glucose level, anemic condition(low hemoglobin), weakness  or some other health problem. In dizziness patient is not able to control his body balance and feels every thing is moving around.

Here are some natural home remedies for treating dizziness:

  1. Drink anar(pomegranate) juice(1 cup) with 1/2 lemon juice daily in morning, it will increase the hemoglobin level and cure dizziness. Lemon juice is required for better absorption of iron in the body.
  2. Mix 1/2 spoon Tulasi leaf juice in 1 spoon honey and eat it. Do this for some time it will cure dizziness
  3. Many people feel dizziness due to gastric in such case drink lemon water or tea made with ginger. It will give you relief from gas problem and you will get relief from dizziness.
  4. If you are filing dizziness due to weakness then eat healthy food.
  5. Cook 5 cloves, 2 dates, 10-15 gm deshi ghee in 250 ml milk, drink this twice daily for some time your dizziness due to weakness will go away.
  6. Make fine mixture of 10 gm amla, 3 gm black pepper, 10 batasa. Eat this mixture with milk for some time it will cure dizziness.
  7. Take rest for some time in pen airy place and rest in position in which you are getting rest.
  8. You can also apply paste of haldi or chandan on forehead this will give you relief from dizziness.

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