Headache Home Remedies

Headache is very common symptom of many health related problem. In general most Headache last for 2-4 hours depending upon reason and if headache is due to some illness then you should treat that illness.

For relief from headache here are some home remedies which are very useful in getting relief from headache:

  • Take .5 gm trifala churna with 1 gm mishri before going to bed, it will provide relief from headache.
  • Take two powdered cardamom powder with 1 cup milk it will provide you relief from headache.
  • Drink saunf tea, it will provide you energy and relief
  • Eat dry coconut with sugar in morning it will defiantly provide you relief from headache
  • Gastric is also most common cause for headache in that case drink lemon juice with water or drink eno powder
  • If headache is due to cold then drink decoction of whole coriander and sugar
  • Make paste of clove and apply it on forehead for relief
  • Add kapoor in sandal paste and apply on forehead
  • Make paste of onion and apply on sole it will provide you relief
  • Make paste of cinnamon and apply on head
  • Do pranayama and yoga

Precautions in headache :

  • Avoid sine and heat
  • Do not eat food which cause gastric and constipation
  • Do not work hard when you have headache

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