Natural Remedies Of Yogurt

Yogurt or dahi is very tasty, nutritious and easily digestible. Dahi is prepared by adding bacteria to milk which convert lactose of milk to lactic acid. It contain eighteen times more calcium compared to milk.

Yogurt contain protein, lactose, calcium, potassium , magnesium, iron , phosphorus, vitamin B2, B12, D and E. It is very good for gastrointestinal health and beneficial for condition of milk intolerance, diarrhea, IBS and constipation.

Here are some health benefits of yogurt:

Immunity booster

Eating yoghurt daily help to boost immunity to fight against infections. It contain more protein and calcium than milk.


Mixing yoghurt with ajwain and eating cures constipation.

Digestive system

It improves digestive system functioning and good bacteria in the body.

Mouth ulcers

For mouth ulcer, gargling with yogurt is helpful. Also applying yoghurt externally help to heal them.

Coronary heart disease

It protects from and reduces risk for coronary heart disease.

Reduces cholesterol

It help to reduce cholesterol if taken regularly.

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