Face steaming Benefits

Face steaming helps to open clogged pores, removal of black and white heads. Steaming process is suitable for every skin type.

How to do face steaming:

  • Clean face with mild face wash according to the skin type.
  • Exfoliate face using mild facial scrub.
  • Using a facial steamer or bowl steam your face. Facial steamers or vaporizer are available in market in which distilled water is added and plugged to power to produce steam.
  • If it is not available then simply take a bowl, fill it with drinking water and put on stove till steam begins to form. Remove bowl from stove. Now tie your hair back, put a towel over head and lean over the bowl to steam face.
  • Make sure that adequate distance is made from bowl and steam should not feel very hot in nostril and mouth otherwise burn may happen.
  • Rinse face with cold water or apply ice to close open pores.
  • Do not rub skin but pat it dry with clean towel.
  • Apply moisturizer all over face.
  • Duration of Facial steam
  • Not more than 20 mins.
  • Once or twice a week. Overdoing causes skin dryness.

Benefits of steaming face:

  • Deep cleanse skin and give relief from pimples.
  • Cleans pores, improve blood circulation and gives a glowing skin.
  • Comforts skin after removal of makeup.
  • For men steam help to soften beard for smooth and clean shave.

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