Facial spot home remedies

Facial spot is very common problem and main reason for this is lack of proper diet and daily routine. Many time we can see black spot below eye’s and main reason for this is lac of sleep and nutrient and age is most important factor for spots on the face.

Here are some natural remedies which can be very helpful in reducing and treating those facial spots.

  • For black spot below eyes, take proper sleep in night.
  • Apply fresh tomato juice by clean cotton on facial spots for some time and you can see the effect.
  • Boil potato and make paste with potato the skin. Add cucumber and lemon juice in it and do massage of face with it.
  • Do massage of face with buttermilk before going to bed it will give you glowing skin and reduce spots on the face
  • In morning add one lemon juice in one cup milk and leave it. In night apply this on your face after washing your face with water
  • Use face pack of honey, vinegar and salt.
  • Make paste of date seed in vinegar and apply on black spots, it will remove them in some days
  • Wash your face with fresh water 3-4 times a day and wash you face before going to bed
  • Drink lot of water and consume fresh fruits and vegetable
  • Use multani mitti face pack for continuously it will reduce any mark on your face

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