Cracked lips home remedies

In winters when air is dry, lips getting cracks. Lips are dry and some time they are painful and you can see bleeding in cracks.

Here are some simple remedies for lip cracking:

  • Buy some good quality petroleum jelly and apply it on lips timely and regularly.
  • In winters most of the people reduce their liquid food intake which in not good for health and lack of water is also a big reason for lip cracks. So drink more water and take liquid diet, this will help you in reducing lip cracking problem
  • My favorite one(I don?t know the reason) apply mustard oil on navel or any other natural oil. This works like magic for lip cracking.
  • Apply mustered oil by adding same quantity of water on lips this will help you a lot. You can use this on the whole body a moisturizer.
  • If you stomach is not healthy then also you lips may cracks. If there are worms in your stomach then your lips may crack very badly so please treat stomach first.
  • Add rose water in glycerin and apply on lips
  • Apply deshi ghee by adding some salt on navel (2-3 times a day) regularly in winters it will do the magic.
  • Apply some jelly before going to bed.   

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