Bedwetting home remedies

It is very common for kids of age 30 months to urinate in bed or do bedwetting. At the age of 3-5 years around 90% kids stops doing it. But if this continues even after 5 years of age then it require treatment.

There are various reasons for bedwetting like worms, infection in urinary tract, constipation and diabetes. Sometimes kids drink excessive water in evening or night and that causes frequent urination all over night. This situation can easily rectified by drinking water throughout day instead of drinking a lot at evening.

Few tips to avoid bedwetting:

  • Make sure child urinate in toilet before sleeping. Take child to toilet for urinating in midnight.
  • Avoid giving milk, yoghurt, lassi, night.
  • Child should not constipate. Give papaya, easily digestible foods, other nutritious foods and avoid cold drinks, junk foods.

Home remedies for curing bedwetting:

  • Mix amla powder and turmeric powder in equal proportion. Give this powder ½ tbsp with honey.
  • Give munakka(2) at night.
  • Daily give laddo made by mixing black til, ajwain and jiggery in equal proportion.
  • Give chuhara(1) daily for one week.
  • Give honey(1-2 tbsp) after dinner.
  • Give walnut(2) and raisins daily for 2 weeks.

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