Natural home remedies to cure Semen problems

Many people are suffering from several semen related health problems like low sperm count, low volume of semen and others. Due to this one can face several health problems like infertility and other sex problems.

There are many reason for infertility in men’s but mainly this problem occurs due to Illness, weakness, life style and habits. According to Ayurveda this can be treated naturally.

Here are some remedies to cure semen problem:

  • Make halwa of singhada(chestnut) with clarified butter and eat 50 gm daily. This will treat all kind of semen problem.
  • Take equal quantity of Aswagandha, Nagauri, Sonth and sugar. Grind it and cook in clarified butter and make balls of 12 gm. Eat daily one ball this will help.
  • Eat daily Mulethi(3gm) powder with honey.
  • Eat kheer of chhuhar(dates) daily.
  • Make powder of daalchini(cinnamon) and eat 2 gm twice daily with luke warm milk.
  • Make kadha of soft banyan(bargad) leaves in 500 ml water. Boil leaves till it reduces to 250 ml. Dring twice daily this kadha by adding sugar to it. This will treat all kind of semen problems.
  • Lick fresh amla juice with honey daily.
  • Mix and grind 6 gm water melon seeds with 6gm sugar and eat daily this quantity.
  • Eat healthy foods and do not eat shore, and spicy food.
  • Do not smoke and drink(alcohol) these to are biggest reason for this.
  • Do exercise daily.
  • Do not take stress.

Note: If your condition is not improving then you should visit a doctor.

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