How to eat moringa leaves

Moringa lease are most nutritious herbs and there are several way to consume it. Fresh moringa leaves taste is not so good that one can eat them happily but they are edible and easily eaten by making some recipe from moringa leaves along with other culinary item like vegetables, fruits and grains.

Most important thing is that never eat too much moringa products, just start with small amount and increase it slowly and observer how much your body can digest easily.There is no defined quantity to eat moringa. But you can eat 2-3 time in a week.

Methods to eat moringa leaves

  • Fresh and soft leaves can be eaten by adding them in salads
  • Soft leaves can be eaten by cooking them along with spinach and by adding then in other recipes.
  • Dried leaves powder can be added in flours to make bread, cakes and Indian breads and parathas.
  • You can take dried leaves powder as supplement with water.
  • Powder can be also added to curries.
  • You can experiment your self by adding then leaves in different dishes.

Moringa leaf powder has more concentration of nutrition compare to fresh leaves but dried leaf powder has no vitamin C. So you can use small quantity of powder along with other flours.

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