Moringa leaves health benefits

Moringa leaves are most nutritious part of moringa tree. Leaves are small green colored and grows in bunches. These leaves full of essential nutrition and diseases preventing nutrition.

Moringa leaves

Moringa leaves contains all required amino acid required to human and animal while these amino acids are very unusual in any plant source. Fresh and dried both leaves can be consumed as dried leaves powder is more concentrated with nutrition except vitamin C.

Moringa leave nutrition may vary depending upon soil fertility, weather conditions, season and variety of moringa. Naturally grown moringa without use of fertilizer and pesticides are best and if some one try can get these type of moringa very easily in India.

Moringa leaves usages

Moringa leaves can be used as dietary supplement for pregnant women, women on breastfeeding, people with malnutrition as it is a very rich natural source of iron, calcium, vitamins and many minerals. One can use fresh leaves or dried leaves. You can also eat soft leaves by cooking it in spinach recipes and can consume it as dried powder.

Moringa leaves nutrition facts

Moringa leaves nutrition result as per analysis done at the National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad.

Amino Acid in moringa leaves per 100 gm

Fresh LeavesDried Leaves
Arginine406.6 mg1325 mg
Histidine149.8 mg613 mg
Isoleucine299.6 mg825 mg
Leucine492.2 mg1950 mg
Lysine342.4 mg1325 mg
Methionine117.7 mg350 mg
Phenylalinine310.3 mg1388 mg
Threonine117.7 mg1188 mg
Tryptophan107 mg425 mg
Valine374.5 mg1063 mg

Vitamin and Mineral Content of Moringa Leaves per 100 gm

Now you can think and compare these fact with other vegetable and fruits nutrition and make you decision about uses of moringa leaves in your diet.

Carotene (Vit. A)6.78 mg18.9 mg
Thiamin (B1)0.06 mg2.64 mg
Riboflavin(B2)0.05 mg20.5 mg
Niacin(B3)0.8 mg8.2 mg
Vitamin C220 mg17.3 mg
Calcium440 mg2003 mg
Calories92 cal205 mg
Carbohydrates12.5 g38.2 mg
Copper0.07 mg0.57 mg
Fat1.7 g2.3 mg
Fiber0.9 g19.2 mg
Iron0.85 mg28.2 mg
Magnesium42 mg368 mg
Phosphorus70 mg204 mg
Potassium259 mg1324 mg
Protein6.7 g27.1g
Zinc0.16 mg2.29 mg

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