What is probiotics?

Our body contains two kind of bacteria good and bad both. Due to bad bacteria we got ill while good bacteria are helping in our digestion system. Probiotics are foods which help to improve out body good bacteria.

When we are taking antibiotics during illness, antibiotic kills bad bacteria and good bacteria both. That’s why many people complains about stomach upset(acidity, loose motion, etc.) after taking antibiotics because antibiotics kill good bacteria in our stomach who are helpful for our digestion system. For improving good bacteria presence in our stomach while taking antibiotic, we should take probiotics foods.

Probiotics are very helpful in increasing good bacteria in our stomach. Curd, Kimachi(Fermented Vegetable Pickles, Dark chocolate, etc. are very good source of probiotics. Dark chocolate having four times more good bacteria than any other dairy product.

So when you are on antibiotics please take care of your body good bacteria and for that probiotic foods will be very good option.

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