Know about products one should avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is very beautiful phase of a woman’s life. The feeling and joy of carrying a little life inside is unexplainable. It is state when a mother nourishes her child with her blood and tries to give her best to the growing life.


Since in womb baby is connected to mother by umbilical cord and take nutrition from her it is very important to have good diet as well as to make sure to avoid any undesired chemical exposure to baby.

Mainly it is considered that the chemical may get into mothers body by consumption of that such as in the form of medication but it also may get inside by application of that on skin and may reach to baby. So when pregnant be careful about your skin regime. Although not much study has been done on it but it is a very well-known fact that certain chemical get into our body through contact with our skin. So when try to avoid following completely or may consult a doctor about any possible side effect that may happen.

Facial bleach

bleach is consist of chemicals such as hydroquinone and mercury to reduce the spots on the skins and lighten the facial hair and so give fairer complexion. When applied on skin it may get absorbed through pores, broken skin or may inhaled through nose. Also each individual is different so the amount that get into blood also varies.

Hair dyes

hair dyes are also chemicals that may reach blood stream by roots of hair and also by its application through bare hands. Moisturizers that contain retinoid: Retinoid are type of vit a which is present in anti aging creams and moisturizers. Its highly recommended to stay away from these creams it may cause birth defects in foetus.

Products containing salicylic acids

Salicylic acid is present in face washes, toners, cleansers, body peels and for acne treatment. This chemical is from aspirin family so applying it means using aspirins. So it is a good idea to avoid it while pregnant. On product label its written as Salicylic acid, betahydroxy acid or BHA.

It is a highly suggested to avoid any skin the treatment that leads to strong chemical exposure to you are the developing baby. It’s also a fact that not much study has been done to find the effects of chemicals on human but some test show adverse effects on animals also these has not been approved by a doctors that these are safe to use. In my opinion it is always better safe than sorry. So be careful about it.

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