Use of Calcarea Phosphorica for Children

Calcarea Phosphorica (Calcium phosphate) or Calc Phos is a useful common homeopathic medicine.  It is a compound of calcium and phosphorus (phosphate of lime) and useful in keeping bones and teeth healthy. Calc Phos can be given to infants and kids for supporting growth and teething.

This is a good medicine for treating a child who has sunken, flabby abdomen, weak bones, curved legs, and delayed teething and walking. Calcarea Phosphorica is excellent medicine to treat teething problems in infants. It is also useful in making bones stronger.

Uses of Calcarea Phosphoricum

  • Calc Phos is useful remedy for children. It is useful in following condition.
  • Delayed teething in babies
  • Weak bones, Rickets, curved spine and body
  • Treats teething troubles in baby
  • Useful in teeth decay
  • Stunted growth
  • Curved legs

Symptoms in which Calcarea Phosphoricum is given

Calc Phos is given to children, when they show following symptoms.

  • Thin, Flabby, shrunken kid
  • Emaciated (abnormally thin or weak)
  • Anterior fontanels do not join for a long time
  • Slow teething, delayed walking
  • Delayed learning and growth
  • Wants milk all the time but not retain it and vomits
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Marasmus, Rickets
  • Colicky baby after feeding, frequent vomiting
  • Diarrhoea after drinking fruit juice with greenish color stool

This medicine has no side-effect. Calc Phos can be given in potency of 6X. In baby (1-5 years) it can be given 1-2 tablets dissolved in water, twice a day. In children (6-11 years) the dosage is 2 tablets, 4 times a day. Even if, the child does not show any such symptoms, Calc Phos can be given at intervals to ensure proper growth.


  1. my child of 6 years eaten 20 pills of calcerea. Does it cause any harm

  2. My baby is so thin….even he eats well.
    Which medicine is good for him to put on some weight.

    • Please cunsult a good pediatrician, he can examine your baby and suugest you medication or give you appropriate suggestion.

  3. Hello
    my son is cerebral palsy unable to do anything can sit wit support spasticity in legs curved spine toe fingers curled cannot see though reacts to lights and happy to hear music can cal phos help

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