Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla

Chamomilla is homeopathic medicine useful in treating various diseases. It is prescribed for treating bad-effects of narcotics, coffee, opium, anger, irritability, headache (due to anger), earaches, digestive troubles, oversensitivity, abdominal pain, and irritability. It is also given to infants to treat teething diarrhea and other associated problems.

Chamomilla is beneficial in treating ailments related to nerves and emotions. It is given to person who extremely sensitive nature. Such patients are usually silent but explode over a trivial matter. The general constitution of chamomilla patient is great sensitiveness, who is sensitive to ever impression, surroundings, persons, and pain. The person gets irritable easily.

The other indication for chamomilla

  • Sleeplessness, Nervous excitability
  • Angry type of person, irritability, Anger
  • Noises in the ears
  • Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, Colic pain, indigestion
  • Belches gas smelling like rotten eggs, Greenish stool with offensive stool, Extreme thirst and low appetite
  • Swelling of the gums, Excessive bleeding after childbirth, Toothache at night but disappears in the morning
  • Rheumatic pain at night
  • Cough at night
  • Burning soles at night

Chamomilla is excellent remedy to treat hypersensitive and irritable children who are stubborn and lose their temper easily.

The other symptoms in a child in which chamomilla is given are as follows.

  • Difficult to handle, Very rude during an outrage
  • Oversensitive
  • Convulsions due to any ailment and fever
  • Dysentery, Stools sticky and of green color
  • Difficult sleeping
  • Teething problems

Chamomilla is given in potency of 30.

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