Methods to keep away Breast cancer

Breast cancer is increasing very rapidly in India as well as rest of the world. Cause of breast cancer can be any thing like family history, obesity, smoking, not doing breastfeeding and many more. Cancer of the milk ducts is the most commonly occurring form of breast cancer. Usually only one breast is affected.

Things to keep away breast cancer:

-Obesity or overweight can be one reason for breast cancer. So please avoid being over weight after menopause.

-Eat healthy food like increase intake of green vegetable and fresh fruits and avoid animal fats. Eat whole grain.

-To avoid breast cancer do moderated physical exercise at least 4-5 days for 45 minutes in a week like brisk walk or any other exercise.   

-Avoid or don’t drink alcohol

-Menopausal hormone therapy increases risk for breast cancer. If you must take hormones to manage menopausal symptoms, avoid those that contain progesterone and limit their use to less than three years.

-If breast cancer is in your family history then you should consult your doctor to taking oestrogen-blocking drug.

-Don’t smoke, smoking can be cause of any type of cancer.

-Not doing breastfeeding to your babies or doing for short term can be major cause of breast cancer. So please do breastfeeding as long as possible, as per me at least for 2-3 years.

-The Hutchinson Center is home to several studies that are looking at ways to reduce the risk for breast cancer.

-Regular physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer. Ascend some of the world’s most breathtaking peaks while raising vital funds for and awareness of breast cancer research.

– Keep diagnosing by yourself after age of 40. In this procedure, the woman should touch her breast and if she feels some thing not normal in shape and feel then she should consult to her doctor. This will help to rescue you from breast cancer.

Sources: MSN and NDTV

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