Homeopathic Medicine Calcarea Carbonica

Calcarea Carbonicum (Calcaria Carb) is a homeopathic medicine useful in the treatment of various diseases related to glands, skin and the bones. The common name of this medicine is Carbonate of Lime. It is an antipsoric(cures itch) and antipsychotic (treat psychotic disorders) remedy.

Cala carb is prescribed to child, who is fat, flabby, with bloated belly with delayed teething and walking. It is also prescribed to females, who has bleeding uterus, has profuse menses, sweating, anemia and suffer sterility due to profuse bleeding during periods. It is also given to prevent habitual abortions in women. In homeopathy, medicines prescription and dosage depends on numerous factors. The choice of medicine is dependent on the various symptoms shown in patients. It is very important to note the constitution and symptoms shown by patients. Here is given some symptoms which are present in calcarea patients.

Symptom/Constitution of Calcarea Carbonica patients

  • Plump, fat, flabby, pale but physically weak
  • Anemia, weak and flaccid muscles due to lack of calcium
  • Oily and yellowish skin
  • Very sensitive to cold, full of congestions
  • Yellowish, smelly and difficult to expel sputum
  • Feet sometimes feel very cold and sometimes hot
  • Cough is dry at night but phlegmatic during the day
  • Sweat profusely without heat, difficult breathing
  • Nose stuffed with dried mucus
  • Scary dreams and is scared of ghosts in the dark
  • Change of weather brings in the sadness and lethargy
  • Intense desire to eat eggs

Calcarea Symptoms in child

  • Fair, Fat, flabby child, Pale
  • Big head with open fontanelled
  • Profuse Sweating while sleeping
  • Delayed teething, walking, curved legs
  • Constipated, wormy
  • In infants, cough that develops during teething and does not subside
  • Child eats indigestible things like clay and paper, suffers chronic indigestion, Defective formation of bones

Mental symptoms

Great mental weakness, very tired from mental work, disturbance of the emotions, prolonged worry, insanity, talk to himself, Insanity

Calcarea Carbonica treats following condition

  • Deep-seated abscesses
  • Delayed walking in child
  • Bending of the bones
  • Generally tired, burning of hands and feet
  • Skin peels off at the nails
  • Chronic constipation, Piles
  • Any form of headache
  • Slowly progressive deafness
  • Weakness of the eyes due to their being tired and the increased pressure, Prolonged illnesses
  • Deep-seated diseases of men as well as women

Treats following in women

  • Prevents the tendency towards prolapse of the uterus, Fibroids in the uterus
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Tendency to abort repeatedly, Prevent abortion, Catarrh
  • Corrects the menstrual dysfunctions and excessive, Bleeding (menorrhagia)
  • Generalized weakness and lack of blood (anemia)
  • Prolonged cough with blood
  • Enlarged glands

Calc carb is a deep acting remedy. In adults, its use should not be repeated again and again. In children, it should be given in low potency. Calcarea Carb needs to be continued over a long period of time so it is repeated at intervals instead of continuous use. It should be continued for six months after the patient has apparently been cured.

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