Health: Importance of healthy breakfast

Breakfast is most important diet in our daily life. But most of the people take breakfast lightly which is not good for our body and daily routine. Very few people care about breakfast nutrient values. We should eat a very healthy balanced breakfast daily.

It is very important to take care of our breakfast ingredients because unhealthy breakfast can affect out health and our daily routine. Most of the people think that we should eat fatless and low calorie breakfast which is not correct. We should eat some fat and high calorie foods in breakfast because out body requires energy for whole day and in morning it requires most.

What to eat in breakfast?

– We should eat high protein, fiber, carbohydrate, calcium and vitamin rich foods. We should add foods mage from grains which are rich in carbohydrate and fiber.

– Fiber is very important for out digestion and controlling cholesterol and blood sugar.

– We should add some fresh fruits in out breakfast, fruits are rich source of vitamins, iron and fiber.

– Sprouts should be there in our breakfast.

– For high protein we should add eggs, dairy products, dry fruits in our break fast.

You should make weekly menu for your break fast with combination of different foods.

How to make menu for breakfast?

Add following foods combination in you breakfast

– Add one whole grain dish(Whole grain bread or chapati or Muffin or dalia or any other dish made from whole grain) or whole grain flex with honey and milk .

– One dairy product like yogurt or curd or cheese or Some non-vegetarian food like egg or chicken or fish.

– Use some butter daily in your break fast.

– One fresh fruit or sprout or salad or combination of fresh vegetable, sprout and salad.

– Toned milk 200 ml or butter milk.

You can make different dishes in above category and make a healthy breakfast.

Good breakfast habit keeps you healthy, energetic and it will help you to control your weight and blood sugar level.

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