Health: Amnesia(Memory Loss) care

Now day many have memory loss problem some people have short term memory loss problem, some have old memory loss problem. After age of 60 years memory weakness is common thing but before that it may some disease if you are forgetting every thing very frequently like daily routine things etc.

If you can not recall your whole day activity in night easily then this is a problem and you should see a doctor. Some times it may be due to psychological illness or due to some deficiency in your body. If you you will not care this then it will be very big problem in your daily routine life.

What is this Amnesia ?

Memory loss is two different thing, in old age person(60 years and above) is known as Dementia. In young people reason for memory loss are like stress, smoking, alcohol or irregular sleeping. It may be due to brain tumor or some accident but for these problems there are some surgical treatment. If memory loss is due to irregular life routine then we have cure this problem with yoga, meditation, healthy diet.

Reasons of memory loss(Amnesia)

– Frustration can be one psychological  reason for memory loss.

– Deficiency of vitamin B-12 can be one reason, because B-12 is very important for our neurons and sensing system.

– Side Effects Of medicines can be one reason. Excess use of medicine like sleeping pills, Pills of depression, pills of gathia can cause memory loss.

– Excess use of Alcohol can create memory loss because it reduces activity of brain cells.

– Thyroid controls body metabolism. Excess or less thyroid can create memory loss.

Symptoms of Amnesia

There are different symptoms of Amnesia in different people. Many people starts forgetting names, dates some people forgetting what they are doing and why. Some people do same task again and again. There are different type of memory loss problems in different people.

Treatment of Amnesia

Doctors generally do not treat illness with medicine but if Amnesia is old then they are conducting some neurological test and treating it with medicines. There are several medical procedures to treat amnesia. It is always better to consult your doctor.

Exercise is very important for our healthy life. Regular exercise improves memory and it also keep away from amnesia. Yoga is also very good for memory loss problem.

Sleeping is very important for sharp and strong memory. If you will not sleep properly in it will affect your concentration, memory and decision making powers.

Eat healthy balanced diet for good memory and health

– Chocolate is good for brain but in limited quantity. 10 gm chocolate daily will improve of brain.

– Green vegetables and fruits are rich source of vitamins and folic acid which controls out neurons.

– Fish is good source of omega-3, vitamin D and other thing which protects our brain from disorders.

– Beetroot contains nitrate which opens our blood cells and improves blood circulation in brain.

– Whole grain bread or chapati are rich source of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants which controls our body blood sugar level and keeps brain healthy.

– Apple is source of quercetin which protects our brain cells.

– Adequate quantity of Caffeine is also helpful.

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