Health: Excessive good habits should be avoided

Many times we get to know that we should adopt good habits, good habits are healthy we should avoid bad habits. But we don’t know that some times these good habits are creating health problem if we are not following them in controlled way.

Here are some good habits which can cause problem to your health if you will not adopt them properly.

– Doing hand wash many times

Hand wash is very good habit, but some times people are doing hand wash again and again with soap which is actually not required. Washing hands again and again may cause you some skin problem. Some do hand wash when it required like before eating foods, after coming to home from out side etc.

– Doing teeth brush

Tooth brushing is very good habit. Many people recommends do brush after every meal. It is very good when you do bush to clean your mouth. But many times people are rubbing their teeth and gums very long with pressure to make their teeth sinning which I actually not good for teeth and gums. Doing excessive brushing will cause gum problems and damage teeth enamel. So avoid excessive brushing.  

– Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise will hurt your body and you can fall ill. Because when you are doing excessive exercise them your body starts burning protein of your body along with fat and carbohydrates and your body requires rest to recover you body tissue damage. If you will do excessive exercise then your body many not recover properly and it may cause some muscle damage or some other health problem. So do exercise as per your capacity and increase your stamina gradually.

– Drinking a lot of water

We will find every where that we should drink a lot of water which is actually true but how much? If you are drinking excessive water then your body will be over hydrated. In this situation functioning of you heart, kidney, leaver will not work properly. So you should be very careful while drinking a lot of water. 2 ltr water is enough for whole day but it may vary in different climates. So you should drink water in controlled way. Small quantity at a time. Increase to drinking frequency and reduce large amount of water drinking at a time.

– Eating health foods

You should not eat health food excessively because it may cause deficiency of other nutrient in you body if you will not eat other required food. There are many vitamins which excessive use will cause health problems.

Like this there are many good habits which excessive use can cause you health problems.

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