Health: Daily Life Natural Habits and food for Good Health

In our daily life routine we are facing many illness like stomach problem, cough and cold problem. These dieses are very common and we are visiting a doctor when these problem occurs. But there are many daily life good habits and food by which we can prevent these problems.

For all these problems root cause is our stomach and daily routine. We can control and avoid these problem by some daily exercise and changing food habits.

Here are some tips for stomach and body fitness

– In morning and evening drink aloe Vera(15-20 ml) and awala juice(5-10 ml) by adding one spoon honey in one cup water empty stomach.

– Replace your milk tea with Green Tea at least 2 times a day. As Green tea improves overall health as it is full of antioxidants and other properties.

– Apply Multani Mitti for 20 minutes on whole body at least once a week and then take bath. Multani Mitti will remove toxins from body.

– Try to drink turmeric powder(2-3 pinch) with milk in Morning after breakfast this is boost your immunity

– Wrap your stomach with wet cloth for 30 minutes empty stomach or 3 hr after a meal. This will prevent fat store on stomach and you will feel fit

– Eat whole grains foods

– Wakeup early in morning, drink a glass water and do very lite stretching execise and then go to toilets and clean you mouth, eye and nose. Put 2-3 drops of almond oil in nose, this will make vision, throat and brain healthy.

– Massage whole body with mustard or sesame oil for 10 minutes before taking bath

– Do 10 minute exercise before or after bath

– Eat your meals on fixed time with adequate time differences

Daily routine tips for joint and west pain

– Massage whole body with mustard or sesame oil for 10 minutes, 30 minutes before taking bath

– Take foot bath for 15-20 minutes on alternate day

– Use turmeric with milk and avoid constipation

– Always try to keep your body posture in correct position

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