Health: Skin care in rainy season(Monsoon)

In India monsoon brings pleasant weather and happiness but it also cause many skin and other health problems due to polluted environment. We need to take care of our health specially skin and other bacterial & fungal infections.In monsoon we need to take care of our diet also to boost immune system for internal health.

Here are some tip for rainy season.

– If you got boils(funsi) on your skin then apply multani mitti by adding some kapoor in it. After 20~30 minutes take bath. Eating guava in this season is good for skin problems.

– For scabies(daad) apply turmeric paste on affected area or rub garlic cloves on affected skin area(it may give you some burning sensation). Eating Basil(Tulasi) leaves also helps in skin disease.

– Change wet cloths with rain water as soon as. Dry your body using towel and always wear other dry cloths and shoes

– Apply mustard oil on dry skin

– Wear cotton cloths. Use some anti fungal lotion or powder. Eat lot of water and avoid sweets, fried foods and excess quantity of mango.

– Regularly use face scrubber and do facial. Always use good moisturizer and suns scream

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