Health: Benefits of Curd

Curd(Dahi) is an dairy product like yogurt and it?s is very healthy food full of many nutrients and good bacteria to improve out digestion system. You can eat curd at any time and by making different dishes.

Here are some health benefits of curd.

– Regular use of curd improves our digestion system and increases immunity.

– Curd has many nutrients and curd also helps our body to absorb nutrients from other food also.

– If you are not able to drink milk and milk makes your stomach upset then you should try curd in place of milk.

– Curd is full of calcium which makes our bones strong.

– Curd controls our blood pressure so if you are patients of high BP then you should eat curd.

– Curd is also full of fiber which controls cholesterol.

– It is also helpful in controlling dandruff. Apply soar curd on your hair and leave for 30 minutes and then wash them with shampoo.

– Curd is also helpful in controlling amnesia, eat curd for good sleep.

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