Diet for diarrhea

Diarrhea is infection caused by virus, bacteria, parasites and result in passing watery stool more than three times a day. Generally the reason for diarrhea is consumption of contaminated water or food. If this condition persists for many days then dehydration and weakness may result.

So the first step after affecting from diarrhea is to make sure not allow dehydration to happen.

Here are some diet tips that helps to deal with diarrhea

– Drink buttermilk which is easy to digest and replenishes water also the natural acid in buttermilk help to fight infection. It can be taken 3-4 times a day.

– Drink black tea as it contain tannin that reduces inflammation of intestine and do not allow absorption of toxins.  Sugar in tea also improves absorption of sodium and water and keep hydrated.

– Eat watermelon, bananas and strawberries which are easy to digest and full of fluids.

– Drink around one liter of  ORS(oral rehydration solution) in a day. ORS packets are available in market. At home make its substitute by mixing 6 tbs of sugar, ½ tbs of salt in one liter of boiled  water. Take it after every bowel.

– Eat yoghurt.

– Have diet of banana, rice, toast which soaks excess water in intestine and slows down stool passage.

– Guava is also good in curing diarrhea. Raw guava can be boiled and eaten. Tender leaves of guava helps to cure diarrhea.

– Do not eat apple, papaya.

– Avoid fatty foods, spicy food, dairy products, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, peas, alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages.

– For diarrhea that is for more than 2 days consult a doctor.

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