Winter Hair care tips

Without proper caring hair may become dry, dull and look lifeless in winters. Here are some tips for hair care to keep them beautiful and healthy.

  • Deep condition your hair. For making hair soft, smooth  and get rid of dryness massage scalp with aloe Vera juice.
  • Once in week massage hair with oil and wash afterwards. For massaging olive oil can be used as it maintains the moisture of hair. To use olive oil first lukewarm it and then massage and wash after an hour.
  • If possible keep hairs tied as loose hair break more.
  • Avoid frequent change of hair color and heat treatment as it disturbs natural moisture balance of hair.
  • Avoid use of hair dryer.
  • Protect hairs from cold winds by covering  as they tend to damage hair and result in breakage and thinning of hair.
  • Use shampoo according to hair type, and d conditioning after every hair wash.
  • For washing hair do not use very hot water but only lukewarm.
  • Apply some oil when hair is still wet after washing.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dryness of hair and skin.
  • Take nutritious and balanced diet.

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