Natural remedies for hair problems

We all want to have healthy, beautiful and problem free hair. With the use of naturally available products we can remove dandruff, stop greying and hair fall. Anemia can cause very serious hairfall , so healthy diet is very important for good looking hair.

First of all to have beautiful hair we must have healthy diet that include protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B. Our daily diet should include sprouts, fruits and vegetables that will make the whole body healthy including hairs.

Natural remedy for hair fall:

  1. Take amla, reetha, shikakai and bhringraj and make powder. Put this powder in iron pan and add water to make paste. Apply this paste in hair roots for a few mins and then wash.
  2. Daily massage hair roots with coconut oil. This improves blood circulation and gives strength to hair strand.
  3. Grind myrobalan (harad) in lemon juice and apply on hair to control hair loss. This also removes dandruff.

Natural remedy for dandruff

  1. Take 15-20 gms of bhringraj leaves juice add curd, suhaga and apply in hair roots. Wash after 1 hr.
  2. Take coconut oil 5 mg, curd 15 mg, suhaga  5 grams and heat them on pan, mix all of them and apply on hair. After one hour wash hair.
  3. Take equal quantities of Harad, baheda and amla (Triphala) choorn and mix it with water. Allow it for soaking for the whole night. Wash hair with that water in the morning to get rid of dandruff.
  4. Mango seed oil application prevents untimely graying of hair and also reduces dandruff and hair fall.

Diet to have beautiful hair

  • Taking daily 1 tbs amla powder with water keeps hair healthy.
  • Add fruits in breakfast. In dinner must eat pulses, salads, green leafy vegetables.
  • Drink at least 6-7 glass of water.
  • In daily diet include cabbage, onion, lettuce, cucumber, bottle gourd, beans, carrots and turnip  which  have proteins like silicon, chlorine, calcium, iron, iodine  essential for hair growth.
  • Badam rogan also nourishes hair and make them strong. It can be taken daily with milk and can also be used to massage hair.
  • Eat amla, lemon , curd, sprout and whole grains. Amla is very good for hairs. It can be eaten in the form of chutney.  Amla juice can also be taken.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, cold drink, spicy foods, junk foods and maida.

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