Best Gynaecologist for normal delivery in NOIDA

I was in Delhi when I got pregnant and I suffered some critical complication in my first trimester. In my first trimester visited some nearby Hospital and taken their treatment and I return to NOIDA in the fourth month.

When I came to NOIDA, my husband started looking for a good gynecologist in NOIDA and came to know that Dr. Madhu Srivastava is the best Doctor in NOIDA as she is very experienced and best Gyno in NCR for complicated pregnancy cases. Bt some of my husband’s friends told him that Dr. Madhu is very busy, there is one another doctor Dr. Chitra and she is very good for normal delivery. Even one of them insisted to me for visiting Dr. Chitra.

Dr. Chitra is head of gynecology at Apollo NOIDA in sector 26 and she is also doing practice at his home in sector 20 and we consulted her at her residence.

Our overall experience was very good as she didn’t do unnecessary things like supporting medic and tests. She is very simple and friendly. We followed her instructions but at time of delivery in Apollo some complicacy occurred and Dr. Chitra told my husband that she is taking me to OT for cesarean, she will try there for 10-12 minute for normal delivery otherwise she will do cesarean as baby has omitted inside womb and oxygen level is decreasing. But fortunately, I the liver baby boy normally inside OT.

After that, we have recommended more than 10 friends to consult Dr. Chitra as luckily all dethe liveries are normal.

This is my personal experience and based on that if you are living in NOIDA then you should go to Dr. Chitra.

Here are her address and contact details, please make an appointment before going to his clinic.

+(91)-(120)-2522136, 2521648
C-6, Sec-2o, NOIDA – 201301

(Near DM Chauk)

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