Homeopathy is good for kidney stone treatment

Kidney stones are hard substances formed in kidney developed from chemicals separated from blood to urine and homeopath provides very good alternate for treating these kind of stones. Although every one is not developing these stones or stone size is very small which is pass out through urine without our knowledge and we do not experience any pain.

Many people experience development of the kidney stone again and again, for these kind of people homeopathy is a good option because it really helps in the prevention of recurring stones.

Berberis Vulgaris and Urtica Urens are homeopathic medicine for treating kidney stone. These medicines are made from herbs Berberis and Urtica Urens.

You can use Urtica Urens – 200 potency and Berberis Vul – 200 potency to treat kidney stones. After breakfast, lunch and dinner take 5 pills of Urtica Urens and after 15 minutes take 5 pills of Berberis Vul and it will dissolve out stone within a month or two. Also you have to increase water intake if you are suffering from kidney stones so drink more water and juices and fresh vegetable like cucumbers because more urination is required to pass out dissolved stones.

It is always better if you consult a homeopathic doctor for your treatment.

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