Kushmanda(white gourd) health benefits in ayurveda

Know what are health benefits and medicinal uses of Kushmanda in Ayurveda. Learn some remedies of Kushmanda to treat your health problems.

Kushmanda(white gourd) is belongs to gourd family of vegetables is commonly known as Petha in India and used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Other names are ash gourd, wax gourd because of it outer skin have wax and ash type layer. This vegetable is native to South East Asia but now this is cultivated all over world. Mostly it is used in culinary and in India Petha sweet dish is very popular made from pulp of white gourd and sugar syrup.

white gourd medicinal uses

Ash gourd has nutrition like amino acids, mucins, mineral salts, starch calcium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and rich source of vitamin B and C. Phyto-chemical studies on the fruit indicated two triterpenes, alunsenol and mutiflorenol, which have cell stabilizing effects.

In Ayurveda it’s fruit pulp, seeds and seeds oil is used to treat various health problems.

Many studies has been done on Ash gourd to support health benefits and some are here

  • As pulp of fruit contains lot of water, vitamin B, C, minerals and fibre so it can be used to treat constipation as pulp of ash gourd has laxative property. This used to improve overall digestion.
  • Consumption of pulp can be used to treat urinary dysfunction and it can be very helpful in the treatment of the kidney stones.
  • Ash gourd juice can be taken in morning with same amount of water empty stomach to treat peptic ulcer, do not eat anything for 2-3 hours after drinking this.
  • It seeds powder can be used to eject tapeworm and other intestinal worms. Take 3-6 gm before sleeping.
  • It can even treat mouth ulcers, protecting teeth and gums when a mouth gargle of the juice is done regularly.
  • Pulp and paste of leaves can be used to reduce skin the burning sensation.
  • White gourd as a brain tonic as well as improves memory. Acts as a tranquilliser and therefore useful in schizophrenia, debility and memory loss.
  • Seed(5-6 gm) boiled in milk can be take to increase sperm count and it will also improve libido.
  • White gourd?s seed powder with mixed with brahmi is really good in the treatment of epilepsy in children. Seed’s have great nutrition value like other dried nuts.

Kushmanda Ghrita has shown statistically very good results for mental illness symptoms such as sad mood, suicidal tendency, anxiety, lack of confidence, loss of interest.

Kushmanda Rasayanam is poly-herbal Ayurvedic formulation useful in treating various diseases like Sinusitis, Chest wound, Chronic Respiratory, Deficiency of semen, Extreme weight loss, Bleeding disorder.

You can find this fruit vegetable very easily in Indian vegetable markets and also around the world.

So if you want to gain weight and get other benefits of white gourd then you can eat petha.

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