Preventing Diabetes By Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes is condition of higher level of glucose or sugar in blood. Reason for type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance in the body due to which sugar is not stored in cells and remains in blood. It is common form of diabetes. The main reasons for type 2 diabetes are obesity(BMI >30) and genes.

There are various lifestyle changes that helps to reduce risk of developing diabetes by around seventy percent.

Those who have family history of diabetes are at higher risk of getting diabetes in later life so it is very important for them to take precautions to avoid it.

Here are some precautions to avoid type 2 diabetes:

  • Do regular exercise of 40 -45 mins. Regular exercising helps to lower blood sugar level. This also helps to reduce obesity and better functioning of overall body.
  • Include fiber in daily diet and reduce fat and fatty acid.
  • Maintain healthy weight according to age and height. Reduce obesity and waist size. Large waist (defined in over 40 inches/102cm for men and over 34.5 inches/88cm for women) increases risk of diabetes.
  • Sugar-sweetened soda, sport and fruit drinks increases risk of diabetes so it is better to avoid.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Check glucose level in every 3 months. It becomes more important if you have family history of diabetes.
  • Do meditation to reduce stress and keep mind calm.
  • Avoid eating junk foods as these are very high in fats.
  • Control obesity in kids and encourage them to eat healthy nutritious food and playing outdoor games.

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