Remedy for Stomach Gas in Infants

Gas in infants is very common it causes irritability, discomfort and abdominal pain.

The reason for gassy stomach are many like:

– If breast fed then some foods of the mother diet like cabbage, sprouts, beans, etc.may cause more gas formation in infants.

– Digestive system is not fully developed in babies.

– Digestion of milk also produces gas.

– Swallowed air while feeding and crying.

When stomach is gassy baby cry a lot and belly feels very tight. When you suspect reason for crying is gas then try to do following as this gives relief from gas in few minutes.

– Massage gently on the stomach of baby near naval region.

– Take asafetida or hing a pinch and dissolve in warm water and massage gently on the naval region of baby with finger tips. Please make sure not to take more hing and dissolve it properly.

This remedy can also be used on toddlers. It has no side effects.

Note*: Take only pinch(small amount of hing) otherwise baby skin may get redness or rashes.

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