Yoghurt Natural Remedies For Hair And Skin

Yogurt or yoghurt is a dairy product which is prepared by bacterial fermentation of milk in which lactose is converted into lactic acid. It is very good natural remedy for the skin and hair.

Using yoghurt for the skin.

  • Massage face with yoghurt to make skin smooth, soft and fair. When mixed with rice flour it helps to scrub skin.
  • Make face pack using yoghurt mixed with besan for glowing skin and removing pimples. Apply this face pack for 10 mins then wash with plain water.
  • For sun tan or sun burn apply yoghurt on skin for 10-15 mins then wash with plain lukewarm water.


  • Mix yoghurt with orange juice and apply for 10-15 mins then wash with plain lukewarm water..
  • Using yoghurt For Hair
  • Mix yoghurt with multani mitti and use to wash hair. This also prevents hair fall.
  • Apply yoghurt on scalp this nourishes roots of hair and acts as conditioner.
  • Apply yoghurt in scalp and wash after 20 mins.

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