Medicinal use of Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Know what are health benefits and medicinal uses of Amla juice in Ayurveda. Learn some remedies of Amla juice to treat your health problems.

Indian gooseberry or Amla is a well-known fruit and used in Ayurveda in preparation of various medicine. It is a Rasayana which prevents aging, rejuvenates the bodyand gives longevity. It is richest source of vitamin C which is an anti-oxidant. Amla also contains protein, iron, minerals and amino acids. It is very good for the digestive system. It is one of the ingredient of Triphala Churna. Amla helps in removal of free radicals responsible for aging. It is also helpful in new cells generations. It is tridoshnashak which means it balances vaat, Pitta and kapha.

anwala health benefits


Amla is very nutritious and has ability control imbalances caused byvaat (air), Pitta (bile) and kapha (phlegm). It has innumerable health benefits. It is good for the eyes and hair. It is a heart tonic which makes heart strong. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities. It is useful in preventing recurring cold and cough. Its vitamin C is better absorbed in the body than synthetic one. Its daily intake helps body to fight infections in a better way. It also contains gallic acid, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, amino acids, etc.

Names of Indian Indian Goose berry

Latin name: Emblicaofficinalis (Gaertn.), Phyllanthusemblica Linn. (Euphorbiaceae)

Indian name: Amalaki, Dhatriphala, Amla, Aovla, Awla

Latin: Emblica officinalis (Gaertn.), Phyllanthus emblica Linn. (Euphorbiaceae)

  • Family name: Euphorbiaceae
  • Sanskrit: Aamalki, Dhatriphala, Shiva
  • Hindi: Amla, Aovla, Awla
  • English: Gooseberry, Emblic
  • Myrobalan
  • Gujarati: Aola, Amla
  • Bengali: Aamalki
  • Kannada: Nellaka
  • Malayalam: Nellimaram
  • Marathi: Aawalkanti, Aaola
  • Tamil: Nelli
  • Telgu: Usirikaya

Here are some health benefits of Amla or gooseberry

  • Improves immunity to fight infections
  • Improves eye sight, hair growth
  • Helpful in curing indigestion, hyperacidity, constipation, anemia, survey
    Heals ulcers
  • Rich source of Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, essential amino acids
  • Rejuvenates body, helps in cell generation
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Powerful anti-oxidant that scavenges free radicals responsible for premature aging

Here are some remedies that can be done at home to treat various ailments using Amla.

  • General weakness, improving eyesightDaily take one amla in the morning to cure body weakness.
    Amla can be used as eyewash to cure eye problems and improving eyesight. For this soak Amla in water at night. Next morning strain water with muslin cloth and use this water to wash eyes.
  • HiccupsTake pippali, amla, sonth (dry ginger powder) two grams each. Mix misri (10 gm). Take this frequently for getting relief from hiccups.
  • GonorrhoeaTake amla powder (2-5 grams) mix with water and drink.
  • Ulcers, cutsApply juice of amla on the affected areas.
  • Rejuvenation, longevityTake amla powder before sleeping with ghee, honey or water. Or Take Amla powder (3-6 gm) and mix amla juice. Eat this with ghee (1 teaspoon) and honey (2 teaspoon).
  • Mental and physical weakness, improving memory, nose bleeding
    Daily eat Amla murabba in the morning.
  • Heart TonicTake amla powder with milk to give strength to heart and curing heart problems.
  • Night fall or swapnadoshTake Amla powder in water in ratio 1:3 which means if you take dried Amla powder 5 gm then take water 15 ml. Soak for 12 hours. Then strain water and mix turmeric powder (1 gm) and take regularly.
  • Acidity, leucorrhoea, Chronic dry coughTake Amla powder (1 teaspoon) with hony after meals.
  • Urinary bladder stonesTake Amla powder with radish to cure stones.
  • ConstipationEat fresh amla to cure constipation. It can be taken in the form of chutney for curing constipation. It can also be taken in the form of juice before sleep.
  • JaundiceSoak munakka (4) in amla juice. After few hours mash the munakks and drink this preparation with amla juice.
  • GoutTake fresh amla or amla juice with ghee regularly to get relief in joint stiffness and gout.
  • Mouth ulcersMix amla juice and water. Gargle with this to get relief from the mouth ulcers

Benefits of Drinking Amla juice

Amla juice is extracted from fresh amla. It should be taken daily around 20 ml with an equal amount of water twice a day empty stomach.

  • Amla help to reduce total cholesterol levels including triglycerides.
  • Richest natural source of vitamin C.
  • In diabetes it reduces blood sugar levels .
  • It contain antioxidant polyphenols such as emblicanins which protects cells from free radicals and acts as anti aging.
  • Improves immunity and protects from cold, cough and fever.
  • Used for the skin disorders.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Prevents premature hair graying and hail fall.
  • Detoxify blood and improves complexion.
  • Mild laxative so helps in constipation and improves bowel movements. Amla juice also give relief from acidity and gastric disorders.
  • In the case of blood motion 10-20 grams of Amla juice in 10 grams of honey gives relief.
  • For hiccups take 10-20 grams of Amla juice, 2-3 grams of peepal powder and two spoons of honey twice daily
  • Mix Amla juice, honey, cow ghee in equal parts to control Pitta dosha, .
  • For vomiting 10~20 ml of Amla juice with 5 gm of misri twice a day gives relief.

Here are few traditional home remedies using Awla that helps to get black, thick, long and healthy hairs

  • Soak amla, reetha and shikakai (acacia concinna) in iron vessel at night. Next morning boil all three in water and cook for a few minutes. Use this water to wash hairs. It is helpful in making hair soft, long and thick.
  • Mix Amla powder and henna powder and soak overnight. Next day apply this on hair. This makes hair black and strong.
  • Take awla powder in water and prepare a decoction. Use this for hair washing. This is helpful in curing dandruff and premature hair fall.
  • Use amla oil for massaging scalp. This helps in better blood circulation of blood, prevents premature hair fall and hair greying.
  • Eat one teaspoon of Amla powder daily.

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