Homemade Amla oil recipe

In market there are number of hair oils which claim to be herbal. Many of them are marketed as Amla oil. But when you read fine print on the label you will notice the key ingredient is mineral oil. Mineral oil is hydrocarbon which is obtained as by product from distillation of petroleum. It is colorless and odourless. This oil is cheaper and can be added with various perfumes to give distinct color and fragrance. Different brands are using this oil in their hair oils formulation. It is non-greasy but is not good for hairs or may be very harmful. As per World Health Organization mildly treated or untreated mineral oil is carcinogenic for humans and sufficient information is not available for fully treated mineral oils.
In India traditionally coconut oil is used for hair care. It is obtained from vegetable source and is very good for hairs. This oil prevents protein loss from hair when applied before or after hair wash. Coconut oil penetrates in hair strands because of its high affinity for hair proteins.  For preparing homemade hair oil this will be base. The other ingredient is Amla juice or amla pieces. Amla is hair tonic which makes hair strong and healthy.

Now the recipe of preparing Amla oil

  • Take fresh amla and deseed it. Dry amla pieces and grind to make powder or you may use readymade amla powder. Put awla pieces or powder (50 gm) in coconut/sesame oil (200 ml). Make sure oil is raw(edible).
    Take a thick bottom pan and cook at low flame for 15 minutes.
    Filter and store for future use.
  • If you are taking fresh Awla then deseed and grate it to extract its juice. Put this juice in coconut/sesame oil. The quantity of juice would be one fourth of coconut/sesame oil. Cook on low flame to evaporate all water. When it becomes moisture free store in bottle for future use.

This oil is useful for massaging hair and scalp before washing hairs. Here are few benefits of Amla oil

  • Cures premature hair fall, baldness
  • Helpful in hair growth
  • Helpful in preventing premature hair greying
  • Makes hair strong, healthy and lustrous
  • Herbal hair oil so good for scalp and health

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