Homeopathic Medicine Silicea 12X For Hair fall

Silicea is useful homeopathic remedy for hairs. The deficiency of Silicon Dioxide, in the body is visible on hairs, nails and skin. In such cases nails become brittle, skin turns dry, unhealthy yellow or pale brown color. The hairs suffer from split ends and hair fall. Silicea is very helpful in thinning of hair and split ends. Its use for a few months makes hair thick and long and cures hair fall.

Silicea removes accumulated body toxins, and it throws out all the waste in pus-filled boils or any area that has a septic condition.

Here is given few other conditions in which Silicea is useful

  1. Hair fall
  2. Feeling of a hair on the tongue even though there is nothing there
  3. Red tip of the nose
  4. Inability to digest milk
  5. Bad odour sweat
  6. Burning soles
  7. Boils with pus
  8. Tuberculosis
  9. Excessive sweating of the scalp when asleep (especially in infants)

You can take silicea 12x (4 tabs, thrice a day with water) daily for six months for beautiful hairs.

In homeopathy, the dosage of tissue salts depends on many factors and symptoms. In general people take 4 pills at a time by placing on the tongue. For best results, no food or water should be taken for next 30 minutes of medicine intake. The medicine can also be dissolved in water. The usual time to take medicine is an hour before breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

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