Know About Iron fortified Salt By Tata

Tata Salt Plus is the long-awaited result of a twenty year research on double fortification technology developed by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad. This technology was offered to Tata Chemicals under a long-term MoU after due studies on bio-availability across the population strata conducted and published by NIN.


Shivatra Nashak Capsules

Shivatra/Shwitra is Ayurvedic name of leucoderma or vitiligo. It is also known as Safed Daag. It is a pigmentary disorde characterized by depigmentation or hypopigmentation of skin due to absence or reduction in melanocyte


Kaith Medicinal Uses In Ayurveda

kaith fruit medicinal uses

Kaitha is a medicinal tree and known as Kapittha in Ayurveda. Its leaves, ripe and unripe fruits, bark, gum resin are used for medicinal purpose. The unripe fruit is used as a remedy to treat diarrhea and dysentery. The ripe fruit is used in treatment of hiccups and throat problems. The leaves have aroma and cures flatulence.