Yashada bhasma Health benefits

Zinc is very impertinent thing for all physiological process in our body. It plays vital role in development of human body cell, brain development, eye health and building immunity. In Ayurveda Zinc used in different form in medicines since ancient time. Yashada bhasma(Zinc metal) is medicine contains zinc mineral.

Yasada bhasma can be used orally and externally and is astringent taste, cold potency and used to treat kapha and pitta dosas.

Yashada bhasma uses in treatment of following

  • Eye diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Cold, cough and bronchial asthma
  • Wound healing.

How to use Yasada bhasma?

Take 60-125 mg in morning and evening with cow milk or cow milk clarified butter. This medicine should be used very carefully after consulting some ayurvedic doctor. Do not use it for log periods as excess intake of zinc can cause other health problems.

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