Weak Gum Home Remedies

Main reason for weak gums are improper diet, scurvy, external injury. Some times weak gums causes pain and lead to other oral problems.

Home remedies for weak gums:

  • Dry Tulasi leaves in shade. Make powder of these leaves and do massage with this powder. This will cure gum problems.
  • Do massahe if gums with mustard oil and sendha namak. This will fix all gum problems.
  • Make powder if Pipal bark and do massage of gums with this powder and the do gargle with warm and cold water alternately.
  • Mix Amla powder in mustard oil and massage gums with this mixture.
  • Dry orange skin and make powder. Do massage of teeth and gums regularly. This will cure all gum problems.
  • Do not eat very hot foods.
  • Use neem or babool twig to brush teeth.
  • Clean you teeth after every meal.

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