Pregnancy Vomiting Home remedies

In pregnancy all most all women’s experience vomiting due to hormonal changes and other changes in the body. We can not give any medicine to stop pregnant women vomiting because medicines can harm child.

Due to repeated vomiting women may suffer from dehydration which is not good for pregnancy.

But we can use natural remedies to cure vomiting during pregnancy which are safe to child:

  • Eat two-three fresh amla daily by making slices. It will stop vomiting effectively and there will be no side effect on baby.
  • Take 25 ml orange juice, mix some honey in that and take 2-3 times daily to stop vomiting.
  • Mix 10 gm raisins, 10 gm  green cardamom, 10 gm almond and make balls in size of pea and keep them in some clean airtight jar. Chew 2-3 balls when you feel omitting.
  • Drink coriander tea during pregnancy to stop vomiting.
  • Boil 100 gm saunf in 250 ml milk. After boiling filter it and give this milk by adding refined sugar, this will stop vomiting in single dose or you can also give more than one dose(1-2 more) .
  • Drink roasted chana sattu. use this repeatedly, it will stop vomiting.
  • Do not eat oily and fried foods.

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