Treatment of mental illness with Kushmanda Ghrita

Kushmanda ghrita is an ayurvedic medicine to treat all kind of mental illness like depression, insomnia, hypersomnia by its medhya Rasayana drugs properties. Kushmanad(white gourd/Petha/Ashgourd) is a rich sources of medhya Rasayana drugs and ghee(cow milk clarified butter) is also source of medhya Rasayana drugs.

There are many studies performed by ayurvedic doctors in India for effects of Kushmanad ghrita on many mentally ill people by using DSM-IV diagnostic criteria of depressive illness. Participants  both male and female and results are very convincing after treatment of 1 month.

Kushmanda Ghrita has shown statistically very good results for mental illness symptoms such as sad mood, suicidal tendency, anxiety, lack of confidence, loss of interest.

Many patients has improved memory as medhya drugs are know as a brain tonic.

Recipe for making Kushmanda Ghrita

Ingredients can be purchased from market in every part of India and in other countries as well.

  • Extract juice of kushmanad(100 ml)
  • Make paste of mulethi(Glycyrrhiza) root (100 ml)
  • Clarified butter of cow milk(3.5 liter) about 18 time of kushmanad and mulethi
  • Now mix all in thick bottom pan.
  • Put pan on stove and cook this mixture on slow flame until you don?t see any trace of water.
  • Now keep this ghrita in a clean container.

How to use kushmanad ghrita

20 ml ghrita with 40 ml Luke warm water twice daily(morning and evening) for at least 1 months.

This can also be taken as mental health tonic to improve memory, intellect. and overall life quality.

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