Contraception pills other health benefits if taken properly

Contraception pills has many other health benefits. It can cure many menses related problems and improve iron deficiency and relieves in painful periods.

Contraception pills are now much more improved and can be used in the treatment of  menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, irregular periods and other related health problems. Although there is some initial temporary side effects of this pills but females can use these pills by consulting a doctor for best results.

If you are going to start taking contraceptive pills as birth control then first you should consult you doctor as doctor can tell you what kind of contraception will suit you according to your health condition because there are different types of pills are available in market containing different type and quantity of laboratory made hormones.

Here are some health benefits of contraceptive pills

Treatment of dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is known as painful period. During periods uterus produces prostaglandin chemical which can cause pain and cramp. If a women uterus produce more prostaglandin then she must experience more pain and intense contraction. Contraceptive pill prevents ovulation and uterus produces less prostaglandin. Less prostaglandin in uterus mean less menstrual cramp.

Control over menstrual periods

Most of the contraception pills contain two types of pills, 3 weeks active pills and 1 week placebo pills. Placebo or sugar pills are taken during periods. If due to some important event or work like examination, lengthy function, sport event you want to increase length of time between periods then you can take active pills continuously.

Treatment of menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is known as very heavy bleeding during periods. Birth control pills contains progesterone-like hormone which makes uterus thinner and cause low bleeding.

Treatment of hair loss and excess hair growth

Birth control pills control hair growth in the midline of the body by reducing the levels of male hormones (androgens) produced by the ovary. When ovary produces more male hormone then our body starts growing hair above lip, on chicks and in between of breasts. Birth control pill reduces production of male hormone which reduce unwanted hair growth. But it is better you consult your gynaecologist if you have symptoms like male pattern baldness, smaller breast size, increased muscle mass, growth of the clitoris, or lowering of the pitch of the voice.

There are many other health benefits it these pill are taken as per direction by a doctor.

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