Treating cough naturally with Solanum Quitense Herb

Know the ingredients and uses of Kantkari. Know the problems in which this is effective. Learn how to use this. It helps in preventing and reducing the chronic cough.

For treating cough due to infections, there is one very useful herb known as Solanum quitense( Bhatkataiya/ Kantkari/ Yellow-berried night shade/ Choti Katheri/ Katai/ Kateli). This herb can be found very easily in India. It’s root has many medicinal properties and only root is useful.

Fruit of this plant is very toxic and you should be careful which that.


Cough is very common clinical condition caused by several reasons like cold, viral infection, throat infection, asthma  and many more. Basically cough are two types.

  1. Infection
  2. Reactive airways disease (Allergic asthma or asthma)

For treating cough we have to treat the reason for cough like cough is due to common cold, viral infection, etc.then treat cold or viral. Some viral infection causes Bronchitis.

Method for making decoction of Bhatkataiya


  1. 4-5 washed root of Indian Solanum
  2. 3-4 crushed black pepper
  3. Sea slat 1-2 pinch
  4. Water 250 ml

Make decoction by boiling all above ingredients for 8-10 minutes. Filter decoction and drink like tea 2 times a day. This is very helpful in cough due to seasonal viral infections.

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