Ayurveda : Controlling Diabetes

In ayurveda for controlling diabetes, many herbs are available. Here i am writing one ayurvedic medicine formula take from Akhand Jyoti magazine. Hope this will help diabetic peoples.   


  1. Turmeric 100gm
  2. Nirmali Beeja (Strychnos potatorum seeds) 100gm
  3. Kalmegh ( Andrographis paniculata) 100gm
  4. Saptrangi 100gm
  5. Giloya 100gm
  6. Khas 100gm
  7. Lajavanti Beeja 100gm
  8. Punarnava 100gm
  9. Shilajeet 100gm
  10. Bilva 100gm
  11. Koottha (bitter) 100gm
  12. Kutaj 100gm
  13. Methi (Fenugreek) 100gm
  14. Atee 50gm
  15. Powdered stones of Mango and Black Plum (Jamun) 50gm each
  16. Daru Haldi 100gm
  17. dried Kaith Pulp 50gm
  18. Kutaki 100gm
  19. Vijaya 50gm
  20. Khusarani Ajavian 25 gm
  21. Brahmi 100gm
  22. Shankhpushpi 100gm
  23. Shatavar 100gm
  24. Gorakh Mundi 100gm
  25. Sweet Bacha 100gm


Mix above given herbs, minerals and grind them very fine. After grinding, filter powder with file clean cotton cloth. Now you can make pills size of black gram or chickpea.

For making pills make paste by adding appropriate amount of  greet kumari (aloe vera) and make pills and dry them and store them in airtight jar and keep away jar from moisture and heat.

Diabetic patients should take one tablet each with water every day in the morning and evening. They should also take restricted diet as prescribed by Doctor.

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