Suffering from Insomnia try this Ayurvedic Decoction

This is excellent ayurvedic decoction for Insomnia. If this decoction taken with prescribed diet restriction then it will help to cure insomnia as well as it will control blood pressure and restlessness.

What is insomnia

Meaning of insomnia is not sleeping. This a disorder, caused by several reasons like use of psychoactive drugs, fluoroquinolone antibiotic drugs, Hormone shifts, Life events such as fear, stress, anxiety, emotional or mental tension, work problems, financial stress, birth of a child and bereavement, mental disorders and many mores.

Some time the lack of sleep in case of hypertension and consequent restlessness or due to psychological complications is often unbearable and in this scenario people takes sleeping pills( sedative drugs ) and doctors also tell to use this as there is no other more options for this.

Ingredients of decoction for insomnia

  1. Brahmi 5gm
  2. Sankhpuspi – 5gm
  3. Jatamansi 10 to 30gm
  4. Vijaya – 5gm
  5. Harada – 5gm
  6. Ashwagandha – 2.5gm
  7. Sarpagandha – 2.5gm
  8. Khursani Ajvayan – 1.25gm
  9. Giloya – 5gm
  10. Punarnava – 5gm
  11. Arjuna – 5gm
  12. Varuna – 2.5gm

Method to prepare decoction for insomnia

Take above given herbal ingredients in given amount or in multiple amount. Grind them to make powder and keep powder in airtight jar to keep away from moisture.

For one day dose soak 5-6 tablespoon (30 gm) in half liter water in evening. In next morning boil this on mild heat till it reduced to one fourth(125-150 ml). Cool down this decoction to normal drinking temperature and filter it with clean cotton cloth and take half of it in morning and half should be taken in afternoon or early evening. Care should be taken to keep the remaining amount of the kwatha protected from light, dust, etc. and cool enough so that it remains in good condition till evening.

Diet restriction should be strictly followed in insomnia, fried, fatty food should be avoided, and dinner should be very light.

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