Sharbat Sandal Health Benefits

Sharbat Sandal is an Unani herbal preparation of Sandal wood. Sherbet are defined as sweet liquid preparation made by solution of sugar and water, Joshanda (Decoction), Khesanda (Infusion), Luab (Mucilage) or Sheera (dry seed or dry fruit ground with water). The general preparation method of Sherbat involve first preparing the water or aqua extract of desired herb/seed. The aqua extract is boiled, added with sugar and water to prepare Qiwam (Basic Solution of Particular consistency) which is filtered and stored for later use. The other ingredient of this syrup includes sugar, citric acid, preservatives and color. Below is given more detail about sandalwood Sherbet.

Ingredients of Sharbat Sandal

Santalum album Sandalwood sawdust, White sugar, Citric acid, Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative), Food Colour


Sandal wood sawdust is soaked in water at night in a vessel. Next morning, this infusion is boiled till volume of water remains half. Thus prepared decoction is cooled, filtered through a cloth piece. Sugar is added and again the mix is boiled. This mix is cooled to get Sharbat Sandal/Sandalwood Sherbet.

Uses of Sharbat Sandal

Sandal Sharbat has medicinal properties of sandal. It is a cooling and refreshing in action. It is useful in heart palpitations and works as heart and the liver tonic. It gives relief in various summer related health issues headaches due to heat, excessive thirst, burning sensation in hands and feet and sun strokes.

This preparation in good for the heart, digestive system and the liver.

Dosage and administration

Take 25 ml of syrup mixed with cold water. For preparing, add Sharbat Sandal in one glass chilled water and mix well before drinking. It can be taken any time of the day.

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