Dhootapapeshwar Rasarajeshwar Ras

Rasarajeshwar Ras is a herbo-mineral Ayurvedic proprietary medicine manufactured by Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited, Mumbai (India). This medicine contains Rasaraj Rasa Suvarna yukta, Shuddha Vishamushti, Ashwagandha, Rasa Sindoor and Dashamoola Vishesh Shodhit Guggul. This medicine is for useful in treating all kinds of Nervous System Disorders. Rasarajeshwar Rasa reduces nervine irritation, inflammation and is an excellent pain reliever. Herbal ingredients such as Arjuna and Bala strengthen the muscles and nerves.

Following is given detail (composition, uses and dose) of Rasarajeshwar Ras.

Ingredients of Rasarajeshwar Ras

Each tablet contains – Suvarnayukta Rasaraja Rasa 10 mg, Shuddha Vishamushti 100 mg, Ashwagandha 100 mg, Rasa sindoor 40 mg, Guggul 30 mg (Dashamoola Vishesh Shodhit) Processed in Arjun Patra Kwath q.s. Bala Kwath q.s. Kakamachi Kwath q.s.

Uses of Rasarajeshwar Ras

This medicine is indicated in diseases related to vertebral column and nervous system such as cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis, sciatica, severe joint pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, etc.

Rasarajeshwar Ras has pain reliving, anti-inflammatory and nerve irritation reducing properties. It reduces swelling and pain and also strengthens nerves of the body.

The Dosage of Rasarajeshwar Ras

Take 1 – 2 Tablets once or twice a day with Dashamoolarishta, Maharasnadi Kadha, Ashwagandharishta or lukewarm water.

Rasarajeshwar Ras is available in 30 Tabs (Blister Pack).

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