Revital woman Daily health supplement

Revital woman is daily health supplement specifically for women by Ranbaxy Consumer Global Healthcare. It is vegetarian fortified multivitamin and mineral tablet and can be consumed by any healthy women with age above eighteen. Generally women ignore their own health while caring for others and working. Due to lack of intake of well-balanced diet body loses its strength, stamina and energy. This causes lack of energy, irritability and poor health. In such cases daily supplements are required which can quickly replenish required elements in the body.

Ingredients of Revital women

Vit A 2500 IU, Vit B1 1 mg, Vit B2 1.5 mg, Vit B3 20 mg, Vit B5 5 mg, Vit B6 1 mg ,Vit B12 1 mcg, Vit C 40 mg, Vit D3 200 IU, Vit E 6.5 mg, Folic Acid 0.15 mg, Biotin 30 mcg
Zinc 15 mg, Iodine 0.15 mg, Carbonyl Iron 30 mg, Magnesium 100 mg, Manganese 2.5 mg, Calcium 250 mg, Phosphorous 125 mg, Potassium 40 mg, Chloride 36.3 mg, Molybdenum 25 mcg, Selenium 30 mcg, Nickel 5 mcg, Silicon 2 mg, Vanadium 10 mcg, Boron 150 mcg, Chromium 25 mcg, Tin 10 mcg
And Ginseng 42.5 mg

Uses and benefits of Revital woman according to Ranbaxy

  • It is a health supplement which is designed to provide daily recommended need of iron, calcium and vitamins.
  • Helps to maintain good health, fitness, stamina and energy.
  • Provides adequate amount of calcium and Vitamin D3.
  • Improves body immunity to fight infections.

The Dosage of Revital woman

1 tablet once a day with meal.

Who should not take Revital woman

  • Females below the age of eighteen.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • If suffering from Hypertension then it is advised to consult a doctor before using it.

Caution while taking Revital

  • Do not take along with other multi vitamins
  • Do not take this for the long periods as it contains Vitamins which are fat soluble and get stored in the body which can lead to overdose of vitamins in the body.
  • If you are taking well balanced nutritious diet rich in pulses, grains, fruits and vegetables then you need not to be dependent on any health supplement. The key to good health is healthy food and good lifestyle.

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