Kali Khasi(Chronic bronchitis) home remedy

Some time cough becomes chronic and known as chronic bronchitis or black cough(kali khasi in India). Treatment of this type of cough is difficult and vary person to person. In Ayurveda there are many treatment for Chronic bronchitis and you can make treatment at Home also.

what is chronic bronchitis?

It a persistence cough that produces phlegm and mucus for very long duration for 2~3 months.

For treating cough Ginger and honey is very good ingredients in ayurveda. Here I am writing one remedy for treating Chronic bronchitis. This is my own experience. This treatment will take time(15~20) as it treats cough by correcting different ?DOSA? in the body.

Ginger, Ghee and Sugar Pak for treating Kali Khasi:

– Take 250 gm ginger, 250 gm sugar and 250 gm desi ghee(clarified butter)

– Clean ginger and make paste using a grinder

– Now heat ghee in a frying pan

– Now add ginger paste and sugar to it.

– Mix well and cook this mixture on slow flame for 15~20 minutes

– Now let it cool down and store it in one clean Jar and place it in some dry and cool place

Now eat 1 spoon daily in morning empty stomach for 15~30 days it will cure all kind of cough and improves over all health.

Note: This will not work like magic but for chronic cough it will help if you use it for 15~30 days.

There is no side effect of this as it is made from natural edible herb.

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