Medicinal Use Of Mustard Oil

Mustard(Brassica Juncea) plant is cooked as saag in North India. Its seed contain oil which is processed to get mustard oil. Mustard oil is used in India for cooking. Mustard helps to control cough and improves digestion.

Eczema , weakness in muscles and hair loss:

  • Mix mustard oil(100 gm) with desi kapur(10 gm) and massage regularly.


  • Mix mustard oil, ginger and dry ginger powder and cook at low flame. Massaging with this oil gives relief from pain in arthritis.

Joint pain, knee pain and body pain:

  • Mix mustard oil(100 ml), garlic clove(25 gm) and dry ginger powder(25 gm). Cook at low flame till garlic turns reddish. Filter and put in bottle. Massage with this oil to get relief from pain.

Ear pain, infection in ear:

  • Put 3-4 drops of mustard oil in ear.


  • Take mustard seeds and dry ginger powder in 2:1 ratio. Grind and make a fine paste and massage at affected area.

Elephantiasis and hydrosol:

  • Mix mustard oil and gau mutra. Massage regularly.

Bleeding gums:

  • Mix mustard oil and rock salt. Gently massage gums.

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