Onion Poultice Preparation and uses

Onion has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, expectorant and secretion stimulating activities. It can be used externally in the form of poultice for applying on chest that helps to cure lung congestion. Onion poultice is also useful in skin infections, boils, swelling, and inflammation. Onion poultice is rich in sulfurated volatile oils and therapeutic mucilaginous content.

Preparing Onion Poultice

For preparing onion poultice you need onions, muslin cloth. First soften chopped onion by sautéing in vegetable oil or boil in water. Put hot soften onions on cloth and spread in thickens of half inch.  Check the temperature. It should not be too hot but of such temperature which is bearable to the skin. Apply this on the affected body area till it cools down or for half an hour.  Clean the area of application with wet cloth. Then again prepare new poultice and apply.

You can repeat this every few hours as per requirement.

Uses of onion poultice

  • This is very beneficial in loosening mucus, cough in respiratory infections. Onion poultice can be applied on chest of person suffering from lower respiratory tract infections, lung congestion, and pneumonia.
  • You can apply it even on chest of child suffering from cough and flu.
  • Onion poultice can be applied on boils, skin infections.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation and draws toxins from infection.
  • Onion poultice can be applied on ear to get relief from ear pain.
  • Onion poultice can be applied on inflammation and swelling.or swelling due to injury turmeric can be added on warm onions and then applied on the affected place.
  • It can be applied on baby or kid who has swelling due to fall injury.

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